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Physical Address:

Indlovu River Lodge, Harmony 105, Karongwe Private Game Reserve, Trichardtsdal, 0891, Limpopo Province

Postal Address:

P.O. Box 94, Ofcolaco, 0854, South Africa

Phone:  +27 (0)15 383 9918
Fax:  +27 (0)15 383 9918
Email:  reservations@irl.co.za

Region: Limpopo, South Africa
Physical Address:  Indlovu River Lodge, Harmony 105, Karongwe Private Game Reserve, Trichardtsdal, 0891, Limpopo Province


Game drives

At Indlovu River Lodge you can be sure to experience memorable game drives that will live up to the wild Africa of your imagination. Guests may encounter all of the Big 5 on this 9.000 ha private game reserve. Leopards are seen regularly, especially in winter when the foliage is less dense. With free roaming giraffe, spotted as well as brown hyena and numerous nocturnal species such as genets, civets, porcupine, bush babies and aardvark one never knows what is lurking around the next bend. Guests may even have a rare opportunity of walking with wild cheetah.

We offer an early morning and an afternoon game drive during which your qualified guide and local tracker will share their extensive knowledge of and love for this untamed wilderness. Over time some of the wildlife has become habituated to the game drive vehicles which allows for undisturbed viewing of the animals as they go about their routine.

Drives last about three hours with an intermediate stop for a hot cup of coffee in the mornings or a sundowner in the evenings. Please let your guide know of any particular interests you may have while on safari with us.

It is always advisable to bring warm clothing along, even in summer. In winter a warm jacket, beanie, scarf and gloves are advisable as the early mornings can be cold. Do not forget to pack binoculars, camera, hat and sunscreen.

Your safety whilst out in the bush is of utmost concern to us, and your guide will inform you of the necessary safety precautions as you commence your game drive. Kindly note that ladies that are more than 6 months pregnant are not allowed on drives for safety reasons.

Bush Walks

Guided walks in the bush most certainly are the highlight of any safari. Walking is the purest way of experiencing the bush on foot and the only way to gain a true perspective of the fauna and flora. On your way through the bush you will take a closer look at smaller things that are easily missed on drive: spoor such as tracks and dung, insects and arthropods, plants and their many traditional uses, birds flitting by and their varied calls.

Bush walks may only be carried out by specially trained and qualified guides. Please ask your guide to make arrangements for you.

Ranger and Trackers

Our trained and experienced guides and trackers know the reserve, its roads and dams like the back of their hand. They will do their utmost to make your safari the most memorable experience of your trip whilst ensuring your safety and sharing their passion and knowledge with you at the same time.    


Safari companion

-   Weather is unpredictable. We do supply light ponchos in case it rains. Please bring warm clothing along in case of a sudden change in temperature, especially in winter.

-   The South African sun is very strong. Please apply sunscreen and bring a hat and sunglasses for your own protection. We also advise you to be fully dressed in order to avoid sunburn and scratches from thorn trees.

-  If possible, wear neutral coloured clothing to blend in with the natural surroundings as much as possible. Closed shoes are more suitable as you might alight from the vehicle to have a closer look at interesting things or even to see cheetahs from a closer range.

-   During the game drive please remain seated at all times, unless advised otherwise by your ranger. Movement on the vehicle and breaking the outline of the vehicle may disturb the animals, stress it and even provoke aggressive behaviour.

-    Please keep all body parts inside the vehicle, make sure no clothes are dangling outside the vehicle. This may attract unwanted attention from predators or disturb your fellow passengers. You may also make unwanted contact with some of our thorny vegetation.

-    Keep noise levels down especially when going into a sighting. Cell phones are to be switched off at all times. Noise might agitate animals or cause them to move off.

-     Drinking and eating on the vehicle are not permitted. This is to prevent injury if the ranger needs to stop or pull away suddenly and to avoid littering.

-     Smoking is not allowed on the vehicle. During the coffee or drinks break smoking will be allowed at the discretion of the ranger.

-    Please don’t litter – leave nothing else than your footprints! Litter is also a health hazard to animals. We provide rubbish bags for the deposal of your waste. Please ask your ranger.

-    When needing a toilet stop first ask your ranger for permission to alight from the vehicle. He will ascertain a safe location. The ranger will supply you with a plastic packet and toilet paper. Please place all used toilet paper in the plastic packet.

-  Please do not remove any vegetation, artefacts, animal parts or any other natural component from the reserve. Even if it looks dead, it is still part of the natural cycle.

-   No more than two vehicles are allowed in a sighting at a time. Your ranger may have to wait his/her turn and also needs to be considerate towards other rangers waiting to join the sighting. For this reason the time spent in a sighting may be limited. If you wish to spend more time with a specific animal, your ranger may return at a later stage.

-   Walking to animals is not allowed, except for the cheetah under certain circumstances and at the discretion of you ranger. People without appropriate shoes and any children under the age of 12 and shorter than 1.5m will not be allowed on walk-ins to the cheetah.

-   Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by adults on game drive and preferably be seated between two adults. It is the guardians’ responsibility to ensure that the child adheres to the above rules. Should a child not be able to adhere to the rules, the ranger will not approach any dangerous game. If the ranger deems necessary, a separate game drive will be organized to suit the child’s need.


Bird lovers won’t miss out with more than 350 species of birds on the reserve. As a Birdlife SA  accredited Birder Friendly Establishment we are committed to providing a rewarding birding experience. Bird baths scattered around the lodge’s beautifully tended gardens attract many species for a drink. At the lodge’s custom built look-out point twitchers can quietly wait for the next feathered creature to add to their lifelist.

Numerous species of sunbirds are seen daily feeding off the Impala Lilies and other flowers on the lodge premises. The grounds are also home to the magnificently colourful Narina Trogon and last year a pair of Verraux’s Eagle Owls nested very close to the lodge.

Common birds to watch from your deck are:

Purple-crested Turacos, Sombre Greenbuls, Kurrichane Thrushes, Bearded Scrub Robins, White-browed scrub robin, Yellow-bellied Greenbuls, Black-backed Puffbacks, Yellow-breasted Apalis, Golden-tailed Woodpeckers, Ashy Flycatchers, Spotted Flycatchers, Grey-headed Bushshrike, Orange-breasted Bushshrike, Terrestrial Brownbul, Pied and Giant Kingfishers, Dark-capped Bulbuls, Cape White-eyes and many more.

A bird list may be obtained at reception with all the species occurring on the reserve in order to keep track of the birds seen during your stay.

Other activities

There is a large choice of further activities available in the immediate area. Please contact reception to assist you in booking any of the following:

-        Abseiling

-        Angling

-        Boat cruise on the Blyde Dam

-        Canopy tours

-        Cultural village tour

-        Horse riding

-        Hot air balloon safaris

-        Kayaking

-        Kloofing

-        Micro light flights

-        Paint ball

-        Quad biking

-        Rafting

-        Spas

-        Tubing

Quad Biking
Horse Riding
Craft Markets
Hiking Trails
Bird Watching