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Exceptional Rewards

Use your Exceptional Rewards Card to earn rewards every time you pay for accommodation at one of our hotels

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Terms and Conditions


  • Any natural person may join the Exceptional Rewards programme.
  • Exceptional Rewards benefits and Exceptional Rands are not transferable, but your spouse or partner may also enjoy the benefits and rewards if travelling with you.
  • The annual once- off membership fee (Gold cardholders) will entitle you to all Exceptional Rewards benefits.
  • Three Cities Management, (“Exceptional Rewards” or “we”) may change the Three Cities Exceptional Rewards programme (the “Programme”) rules, processes, regulations, travel or other awards, and special offers at any time, with or without notice. This means that changes may be initiated that affect, but are not limited to, partner affiliations, rules for earning Exceptional Rands, Exceptional Rands redemption, rules for the use of rewards, continued availability of rewards, reward inventory, reward types, and the features of special offers. Three Cities Management reserves the right to terminate the entire Programme with 12 months advance notice to all then-Active Members, and immediately upon notice to all then-Active Members in the case of a termination relating to the substitution of a similar replacement programme. This means that the right of an Exceptional Rewards cardholder (a “Member” or “you”) to accumulate Exceptional Rands and claim rewards can be terminated 12 months after we give notice. All Exceptional Rands (and the value thereof) unredeemed as of the conclusion of the six-month notice period shall be forfeited to Three Cities Management without remuneration or any further obligation or liability, and no reward claims shall be honoured thereafter. You will be considered an “Active Member” so long as you have earned Exceptional Rands as a result of activities at participating Three Cities’ properties or lifestyle partners.
  • Membership in the Exceptional Rewards programme is provided free for the Silver membership, at a cost for the Gold Membership and is available to individuals residing in South Africa. Employees of  Three Cities Management and any of its subsidiaries and affiliates are not eligible to participate in the Exceptional Rewards programme except for specially designated employee.
  • Any cancellation in advance we will not mark the voucher as used.
  • Non-communicated cancellations without prior notice will redeem the voucher as used.
  •  Fraud or abuse concerning Exceptional Rands or award usage and membership privileges and benefits is subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal action by Three Cities Management , including the forfeiture of accumulated Exceptional Rands, the termination of Exceptional Rewards cardholder privileges, and revocation of membership. In addition, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to immediately discontinue an Exceptional Rewards membership, and terminate the member’s account, if a member acts in a manner inconsistent with South African law or in a fraudulent or abusive manner; otherwise misuses the benefits of membership; or fails to pay any valid bill or account when due to One. One and Three Cities Management. Nothing contained in these Membership Rules shall limit Three Cities Management  in the exercise of any legal or equitable rights or remedies.
  • The earning of Exceptional Rands and redemption of rewards are subject to all applicable laws and regulations. Exceptional Rewards cardholder benefits and rewards may be subject to income or other taxes. Such taxes and all disclosures related thereto are the sole responsibility of the recipient.
  • Three Cities Management makes no warranties or representations, either expressed or implied, and expressly disclaim any and all liability (including consequential damages) with respect to type, quality or fitness of goods or services provided through the Exceptional Rewards programme.
  •  Neither Three Cities Management nor our programme partners are responsible for requests or correspondence lost or delayed in the mail or via electronic mail. Three Cities Management is not responsible for, and reserves the right to correct, any pricing or typographical errors, errors of description, or errors regarding participating properties and partners.
  • In the event you do not remain an Active Member (as defined above) by paying the renewal fee, your membership account will be closed and all Exceptional Rands and or e-vouchers or award certificates forfeited. The renewal fee must be paid by month end of the month of the annual “anniversary” date. The “anniversary” date is the date on which you joined the Exceptional Rewards programme.
  •  You cannot have more than one programme membership. Programme memberships are individual but may be used by the member or any person that presents the card either to earn Exceptional Rands or to redeem rewards, whose name is not listed on the account. Only in the event of replacement or lost card can Exceptional Rands be transferred between two cards when one is activated in lieu of another card. The sale or barter of any Exceptional Rands, award certificates or other Exceptional Rewards card benefits is prohibited.
  •  A “valid” Exceptional Rewards card is one that has not been reported lost, stolen or misplaced and that is fully paid up in terms of the renewal rules.
  •  A “participating hotel” is a hotel that has chosen to be part of the Exceptional Rewards programme. Should a participating hotel leave the programme, either because it is no longer managed by Three Cities Management or for any other reason then vouchers will no longer be accepted from the date of resignation. Any accommodation already booked, will become null and void. Three Cities Management will however make every effort to move the booking to another participating hotel, but accepts no liability or consequential damages incurred by the member for such a move.
  •  The booking of accommodation in order to redeem Exceptional Rands is always subject to availability and all bookings must be made through  Three Cities Management’s central reservations department on 0861 000 333. Exceptional Rewards cardholders are therefore urged to make their reservations well in advance. Each of the participating Hotels has an allocation of rooms, for each night of the week. These are available for Exceptional Rewards bookings. Once the rooms that have been allocated have been used up, no further bookings will be accepted.
  • Room upgrades for cardholders will be made subject to availability and at the sole discretion of Three Cities Management or the General Manager of the hotel.
  • All interpretations of these Membership Rules, terms and conditions shall be at the sole discretion of Three Cities Management.
  •  By signing the application form or applying for membership or accepting an offer of membership and/or by using his/her EXCEPTIONAL REWARDS CARD or membership number, the MEMBER shall be taken to have agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time and published on the website www.threecities.co.za/exceptionalrewards
  • All Exceptional Rewards issued and claimed is at the NET value of the accommodation cost only.