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Three Cities Docklands Hotel’s Wodka featured on Taste Detectives…

It all started with a bible study being nearby. The guilt hit me!

Grabbing the evidence I headed down to the harbour. I found myself wandering down Point road and thought to myself, they’ll blame the Nigerians.

Spotting an open space behind a boom gate, I took my gap. Feverishly pulling at the video tape, and letting it blow away. Exasperated, I looked up, and noticed that I was in fact in the parking lot of Docklands hotel, and I had at least three witnesses watching me from their balconies.

Bust! There were more tapes to destroy and now was not the time to do it…..

I spotted the hotel entrance and casually made my way in. Besides the nerves made me hungry. Crossing the oasis of a courtyard, the restaurant entrance beckoned me in.

wodka at docklands durban restaurant reviews decorI spotted a wingback and made it my own.  Not long and a Guinness was in my hand, calming the nerves. The decor is swanky with an edgy urban industrial feel, a combination of brick, wood steel and glass, yet warm. It reminded me of that Russian General’s bunker. She was a three star general…

A famous Pushkin quote came to mind. “The less we love a woman, the easier we please her” My phone was buzzing in irritating repetition. The wife was calling. I muted it by sticking it under the cushion.

Now Russians enjoy toasting throughout meals, especially where guests are present. It is obligatory to respond by downing a shot of vodka, after every meal. First up were chicken livers. What got to me was the toasted ciabatta…. I dipped, licked and savaged that plate. It burnt the hell out me, but danger was the order of the day. Good grub!

Then I hit a shot of vodka. I promised the waitress a large tip for sitting down during this ritual; it would be poor etiquette to do this alone.

wodka at docklands durban restaurant reviews calamariThere were flames licking the roof as the chef grilled my calamari in the open plan kitchen. (I made sure it came with a wine sauce). Man the sauce was almost as good as the white spirits. By now inhibitions were out the window, and I tilted that bowl “soup-style”, polishing it off. I do recall the calamari not being chewy, that’s all.

Another shot of spirits and the waitress dutifully standing on attention. One for the team! Nostrovia.

It seemed appropriate to hit the puddings hard, two would do. Cheesecake and Chocolate mousse. The chocolate mousse scared the crap out of me. I came to my senses, this is how my family jewels would look if I didn’t take those calls from the wife, but first another shot.

wodka at docklands durban restaurant reviewschocolate mousse

Clearly booze makes you smart because the remainder of my tapes now became streamers for the couple sucking face behind me.

A wedding party with their bevy of photographers blinded me for a second, but the security kindly escorted me out, and even called the wife to fetch me.

I think the food was good…….