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Three Cities’ Green Hotel Still Provides Sheer Luxury

As hotel star ratings go up, the properties tend to consume greater amounts of resources and leave larger ecological footprints. It is important, however, for hotels to contribute to society’s efforts to reduce environmental damage, but is it possible for luxury hotels to reduce their environmental impact while still maintaining the same level of luxury?

It is a pressing task to improve efficiency through practical use of resources and cost reductions to ensure sustainable green developments, and to adopt strategies in reducing waste generation and consumption. But can hotels still provide the same amount of luxury as their normal counterparts when going green?

“Absolutely,” says Michael Lambert, CEO of the Three Cities Group. “All it takes is proper planning and effective management of operations that are considered both luxurious and environmentally responsible; in essence, to find a balance between the two qualities.”

Lambert says luxury hotels are geared toward pampering guests, who expect absolute comfort, lavishness and excellence.

“Clearly, it’s important to maintain the luxury element of a hotel – which is the main reason for people staying in these sorts of establishments. If they want luxury – we will give it to them,” said Lambert.

“However, it is important to remember that excellent service and attention to detail are the main ingredients in making a truly luxurious hotel; and neither of these qualities impact on the environment and as most Three Cities guests know, we pride ourselves on our exceptional service – it is something Three Cities has become renowned for,” said Lambert.

A green hotel will satisfy environmentally-responsible guests; a trait that is becoming more common in travellers world-wide.

“In other words, our luxury green hotels will attract the usual range of customers, plus those who will specifically seek out the hotel for its environmentally sensitive practices,” says Lambert.

The Gateway Hotel, Three Cities’ landmark green hotel, has been labelled as one of the greenest hotels in South Africa – and is most definitely not lacking in luxury finishes. From the walling and roofing to the heating and cooling systems, the hotel’s greening policies have caused a stir in the South African hospitality market. However, the gorgeous rooms, stunning conferencing venues, roof-top pool and bar and unique restaurant, coupled with the excellent service and attention to detail make the Gateway Hotel a truly exceptional property!